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We don’t get over It. We get through It.

We don’t get over It. We get through It.

Mrs. Dolittle's Bereavement Group for Pet Owners

Our cells are listening. All the time. As they are listening, they are also absorbing absolutely everything. Our cells are energy hoarders.

That begs the conversation about how we can work with these loads which we hold within ourselves; our energetic contents. Loss and Bereavement are of immeasurable weight on our entire systems. Grief is as individual as our fingerprints. It is impossible to over-stress the reality that our grief is as deep as our very cells. How helpful to be able to manipulate these in a way that we find a pathway through Grief to Process and Adjustment.

At Mrs. Dolittle’s Bereavement Group for Pet Owners, we learn to make our Grief our own. Once we each find the markers of the walls of our energetic cells, it is then that we are able to change the shape of our Grief. Come be with others who are grieving the loss of a beloved animal (no matter how far in the past or how recent ). Come be a part of a community in which no one will ever say “ It was only a pet “.

We will get through this better, together.


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