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I look forward to working with you and the animals you love.

Welcome to the website for

Mrs. Dolittle - The Healer in High Heels.


When you are seeking advice about anything that affects your beloved animal, Mrs. Dolittle can help you.


Whether it is a physical, emotional, behavioral, or nutritional issue, Mrs. D. has the experience, knowledge, and training to find the causes of the imbalances that are affecting your animal companions. By means of a wide range of healing modalities, Mrs. Dolittle can help to you to understand and improve the lives of the animals in your life.


From the beginning of life's journey to the end and beyond, Mrs. Dolittle - The Healer in High Heels is here to help you and the animals you know and love.



Mrs. Dolittle - The Healer in High Heels is a Hands-on Healer, Medical Intuitive, Empath, Communicator, Adoption Counselor, Home Hospice Caregiver (tm), Grief Counselor, Medium for animals of all species and their families.


She brings her training , knowledge, experience, and intuitive gifts to her practice. Using a wide range of healing modalities that include Reiki, Acupressure, Massage, Aromatherapy, T-Touch Massage, Sacral Cranial Therapy, Flower Essence Therapy, Animal Midwifery, Adoption Counseling, Palliative Home Hospice Care for Animals (tm), Grief Counseling, Mediumship, among others.

With so much care and love to offer, you and your beloved animals will find great relief when Mrs. Dolittle works with you.


When as our beloved animals are at the end of their lives, Mrs.Dolittle will come to your home or barn or wherever you are and help with all end of life issues administering palliative care using her healing techniques to keep everyone in your family comfortable during these difficult times in our lives. She will give any medications as prescribed by your veterinarian, and counseling about the timing and choices for euthanasia if necessary. Mrs. Dolittle is available to be present at the end of life and will assist in a comfortable passage for all involved.


 Death affects every member of your family, humans and animals included. Mrs. Dolittle has worked with countless clients of many species to help them to cope with the changes that loss brings. 


Mrs. Dolittle has the ability to reach and be reached by Spirit after the death of the physical body of your beloved animals companion. It is agreed that the information is helpful and useful and immensely comforting to both the living who are here and those who are no longer by our side.


By using her ability to intuitively diagnose both behavioral issues and medical issues, Mrs. Dolittle chooses the proper course of treatment to use in treating the issues that concern you and your beloved animal companion.


Using a wide range of healing modalities, such as Reiki, Acupressure, Massage,

T-Touch, Aromatherapy, Sacral Cranial Therapy, Flower Essence Treatments, and Reflexology, Mrs. Dolittle uses her knowledge, and training to help animals of every size and species.

Mrs. Dolittle- The Healer in High Heels acts as translator between the human species and all others. She can indeed " talk to the animals " and also understand their communications with her. This information is key to her work with the animals and the humans who care about them.

 If location is an issue, rest assured that Mrs. Dolittle- The Healer in High Heels can still be of help. She  has successfully treated animals and their humans all over the world as a practitioner of Distance Healing. This ancient form of treatment enables her to work effectively by means of the telephone and the internet.


Bringing someone new into your family is a big decision that should be done with a lot of thought and planning. Mrs . D. will help you with an analysis of who will fit best into your home. She will meet with your entire family, and those adoptees you are considering; she will also be a matchmaker for you and  the animals she knows or can search for in order to  make everyone safe and happy.


Mrs.Dolittle-The Healer in High Heels is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine Nutritional Counseling. Having studied with the Tallgrass Foundation, she offers nutritional advise and suggestions, using herbs, vegetables and other safe and healthy foods. She will design a plan based on principals and protocols of T.C.M. (inspection, auscultation, olfaction, inquiry, and palpation ) that will be easy to incorporate into what you feed your animals that will help to improve their health and well being.




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